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Our clients have ranged from large international corporations and major government entities to small privately owned businesses and individuals. Gilbert Wilburn has experience in analyzing, drafting and negotiating real estate agreements regarding the sale and purchase of land and the construction of improvements. They prepare and negotiate contracts for the purchase and sale of all types of properties, including unimproved property, farm and ranchland, residences, office buildings, apartment complexes, and shopping centers. Gilbert Wilburn counsels clients on legal issues related to site selection, environmental issues and requirements, land use and development issues, subdivision, zoning, and other legal requirements, title issues, title insurance, and the contract issues, and work with them to resolve title problems, contract disputes, closing problems, and environmental issues, including compliance with remediation and abatement requirements.


Gilbert Wilburn also has extensive experience handling issues faced by public and private entities in the acquisition and sale of real property, and is familiar with public bid and other requirements regarding the sale of land owned by political subdivisions. In addition, Gilbert Wilburn helps public and private entities and utilities with the acquisition of easements, street right-of-ways, water rights, water leases, and other property interests in connection with street, water, wastewater and development projects, including acquisition through condemnation. Gilbert Wilburn also assists in the preparation of requests for qualifications, bidding and construction documents in connection with the project. Gilbert Wilburn frequently represents clients in the purchase of existing facilities, such as water distribution systems, wastewater treatment plants, lift stations, and in connection with other utility facilities.


Gilbert Wilburn handles all aspects of the legal issues surrounding easements, including the granting of easements, the acquisition and retention of easements, and the interpretation of easement provisions. Gilbert Wilburn represents public entities in the acquisition of land use easements, eminent domain, and condemnation. They also represent public and private utilities through the complexity of their easement requirements and is capable of assisting clients in all annexation matters.


Gilbert Wilburn has experience representing clients in all areas related to construction, including competitive bidding, contract drafting and negotiation, and insurance and bonding. They negotiate and prepare contracts for the design and construction of commercial and residential projects, including contracts with architects, engineers, and contractors. Gilbert Wilburn also assists clients to successfully resolve disputes with design professionals and contractors through negotiation, mediation, and litigation.

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